Participant Tracking

The Queen Bee will offer two ways to track your participants’s progress on the half marathon course.

 Queen Bee Half Marathon app

  • Download the Queen Bee Half Marathon app on your Apple or Android Device
  • Click on Results/Tracking and then Text Tracking
  • Enter your athletes information and chose how you would like to be notified of their progress
  • Updates are available at the halfway point and finish of the Half Marathon.

Live Participant Tracking 

We are pleased to share FREE, live participant tracking for the Queen Bee Half Marathon through the RaceJoy mobile app! Participants must carry their phones and activate tracking within 30 minutes of the race start. Follow your athletes, add audio cheer clips, receive NearMe alerts and find participants after the race with Meetup.


 – Download the RaceJoy app on your Apple or Android Device

 – Choose “All Races” and select the “Queen Bee Half Marathon”

 – Register as a Participant or Spectator

 * Participants must be registered through the app to be eligible to be tracked.