Queen Bee Virtual 4 Miler

Bee-lieve it, Girlfriend!

Welcome ladies (and select gentleman)! We are excited that you have signed up to be part of the Queen Bee Virtual 4 Miler benefitting the Patty Brisben Foundation for Women’s Sexual Health. Whether this is your first race or you’re a veteran, we are thrilled to have your support! The Queen Bee Virtual is an extension of the Queen Bee Half Marathon & Medpace 4 Miler, an annual race that takes place in Cincinnati, Ohio—which also happens to be the hometown of Pure Romance! The Queen Bee, a Flying Pig Marathon production, is a non-profit organization designed to promote the fun of fitness while also raising money for a number of female-focused charities.

Pure Romance Run

What Does “Virtual Race” Mean, Anyway?

Some of you may be thinking, ok, so I signed up to participate in the Queen Bee Virtual 4 Miler, but what exactly is a “virtual race?” A virtual race is a race that you complete on your terms and allows you to participate from virtually anywhere at anytime (during the designated timeframe). The timeframe for the Queen Bee Virtual 4 Miler is October 7-12, 2019. You can run or walk the race either by yourself or with a group of friends. You choose your own starting line, whether it’s a treadmill, a park or your neighborhood street. Most people complete the run all at once, but it’s completely up to you. There are no rules, other than to have fun, stay active and show your support for the Patty Brisben Foundation. We do not require that you submit your time; rather this is on the honor system. However, if you would like to track your time, we recommend using a GPS watch or you can download one of the free tracking apps on your smartphone.

Participant Amenities

As part of your registration for the Queen Bee Virtual, you’ll receive a virtual race bib and finisher certificate that you can download and print at home, a Queen Bee shirt and medal for your hard work in fundraising for the Patty Brisben Foundation and exclusive access to the Virtual Race Bag, which includes special offers and discounts specifically for Queen Bee participants.

The race bib and access to the Virtual Race Bag will be available to you prior to the event. All shirts and medals will be mailed to you after the race, beginning the week of October 14 and your finisher certificate will be available for download the week after the race. Any participants who do not receive their shirt and/or medal by October 31 can email registration@flyingpigmarathon.com. Please note that the estimated shipping time may take longer for participants living outside the U.S.

PBF Virtual Finisher

 About the Patty Brisben Foundation for Women’s Sexual Health

The Patty Brisben Foundation for Women’s Sexual Health (PBF) is working to improve and strengthen knowledge of women’s sexual health and well-being through research and education.  PBF advocates for women’s sexual health by funding research, providing education, partnering with community organizations, and connecting individuals to resources.  By focusing on four key areas that have a dramatic impact on women’s sexual health, we’re able to provide support and fund research where it is needed most, to help improve the lives of the highest number of women.

Primary focus areas include:

  • Impact of Perimenopause and Menopause on Sexual Health
  • Intimacy-Related Sexual Dysfunction After Cancer Treatments
  • Vulvovaginal Pain Disorders
  • Libido and Desire

For more information, visit pattybrisbenfoundation.org.

Be sure to join the “Queen Bee Virtual 4 Miler (benefiting the Patty Brisben Foundation)” and stay tuned for more exciting Queen Bee Virtual news!

Any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@flyingpigmarathon.com, or contact the PBF team at info@pattybrisbenfoundation.org.